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Professional House Wash in Battlefield MO

Professional House Wash in Battlefield MO

We had a client that needed a professional house washing in Battlefield mo. We told them we could absolutely do that. They were in a rush as they were moving in so we had a crew out there in just two days! when my crew got ready for the job, they loaded up the trailer with all the necessary equipment, house wash and chemical softwash pump, a pressure washing. when they arrived to the job, they saw how dirty the house was, but this did not scare them as we have done almost 100 homes already. My crew got to work within five hours. This giant house was washed top to bottom as well as a nice driveway wash. The client was thrilled with how well we got it done!

We gave our team members a tip as this project was a large project, but we got it done just in time for the homeowner to move into their new property.

Location: Battlefield, MO

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