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Professional Deck Washing in Rogersville, MO

Professional Deck Washing in Rogersville, MO

We got a call in the morning from a client looking to get a fast quote to wash their deck. Using our fast online quote system, we gave them a quote in under five minutes they agreed to the quote and liked the terms and we put them on the schedule, a few days pass our technicians were preparing for their job as we got the right detergents and equipment ready. We headed out to the job first applying a eco-friendly detergent to the wood to loosen up dirt, grime, stains. Then moving to our low pressure washer the client was amazed when we finished the job they were amazed that we did not have to use super powerful equipment because we have the knowledge of years and years of doing this we were able to come up with detergents that were both safe for the wood and would get the job done in a very fast manner, the client could not be more thrilled and told us they would recommend us to their friends. Our technicians were very pleased with the job as they get to use professional top-notch equipment and are able to get jobs done in quality and quantity. Happy client and happy team members is what we strive for here at DIB Exterior Washing.

Service: Deck Washing

Location: Rogersville, MO

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