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Professional Commercial Building Washing Springfield, MO

Professional Commercial Building Washing Springfield, MO

A return client of DIB Exterior Washing was needing a big job done with a commercial sized four-Plex property. We’ve done multiple jobs like this before so we are very comfortable with quoting this very quickly over the phone. A few days later when our technicians got ready for the job we loaded up the trailer and got the right equipment and the right detergents that CDC recommended, when the technicians got to the job, they fired up our soft wash electric pump and got to work 2-3 hours later the property was completely transform into a brand new looking vinyl property from green moss and dirty dust to a white shiny property. The client was thrilled, and the team members got a tip, which made them very excited the good days worth of work , both parties were happy DIB Exterior Washing for the win yet again with many years of experience through ups and downs. We are able to be professionals at our craft and make sure that every job is done perfectly.

Services: Commercial Building Washing


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