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Professional Brick Washing in Nixa, MO

brick washing

A potential client in Nixa Mo saw Dib Exterior Washing‘s Facebook ad. From there went to our website to get a free quick online quote. They thought the quote was very reasonable for the amount of work that needed to be done. They were in a time crunch before family came to visit they needed all of their brick washed on their home, including one side that was really bad next to the chimney. Our pro quoting system is very accurate and direct based off of our overhead so we were very prepared for the job, when they got on the schedule a couple days later our team members were preparing for their job. They got the right detergents to make sure that the job will go smooth , it is important not to use high pressure on bricks as it may damage the bricks and chip away the cement filler so we use our professional grade detergents recommended by the CDC. The job took about an hour and a half total when we were done the client was absolutely amazed Just in time before the family came in. The team members were happy as they did a fantastic job and got a really good before and after pictures, at the end of the day both parties were happy and teamwork is what made this job, Very successful.

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