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How To Take Off Streaks off gutters In Nixa MO

How To Take Off Streaks off gutters In Nixa MO

How It Happens: The steaks on your Gutters are a mix of rain and dirt that corrode your gutters after a long enough time. This can be caused by a buildup of debris that clutter and fill your gutters causing an overflow or just years of rain hitting the outside of your gutters. DIB Exterior Washing in Springfield & Nixa MO Will show you step by step how to fix this.

STEP 1: Clean Out Gutters, this step is important because cleaning out all debris will likely prevent this from taking place again.

STEP 2: Wash The Gutters, after cleaning out gutters we are going to rinse everything with fresh water to take off large mud spots, after this go to your local hardware/pool store and buy the highest (%) of sodium hypochlorite (Bleach) (10% or 12.5%) get a pump sprayer and mix this one part Bleach, three parts water (with a few squirts of dish soap per one gal)

STEP 3: Wash Exterior Gutters With Mix, apply a even coat to your exterior gutter face and let it sit for 10 minutes before applying a second coat (if needed) This step will kill any algae or mold on gutters cleaning the surface, before starting this step (water with fresh water anything that you don't want the mix to harm.)

STEP 4: Water Down Gutters Well, after letting sit for 10 minutes water down your gutters leaving no soap mix left.

STEP 5: Taking Care Of The Stripes, this is the last step, likely you are left with clean but streaky gutters. to take off these streaks or stripes on your Gutters you will need to buy gutter cleaner at your local store for BEST results or a cheap option is a degreaser. After following the instructions of this cleaner you will again apply a even balance of this to your gutters. Then get a Soft Bristle Brush and brush the gutters. At this point you should start to see the streaks fade or wash away, repeat if needed. Make sure the product does not dry on gutters before you wash the gutters one last time with fresh water.

Just like that your gutter cleaning & Brightening has paid off and your gutters look new.

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