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How To Pressure Wash a Patio In Nixa MO

How To Pressure Wash a Patio In Nixa MO

In Nixa, Missouri, homeowners cherish their outdoor spaces, but over time, concrete patios can become dull and stained due to weather and neglect. Thankfully, with the right techniques and equipment, reviving a concrete patio is easier than you might think. In this guide, we'll walk through the step-by-step process of pressure washing a concrete patio in Nixa, MO, ensuring optimal results and enhancing curb appeal.


Before starting the cleaning process, it's crucial to assess the condition of the patio. Note any stains, mold, or dirt buildup that may require extra attention. This initial inspection will help tailor your cleaning approach for the best outcome.


Clear the patio of furniture and debris, and protect nearby plants from overspray. Sweeping away loose dirt and leaves creates a clean surface for washing and prevents clogging of the pressure washer.

Soft Washing:

Begin by applying an eco-friendly cleaning solution to the patio surface. This soft washing step helps loosen dirt, grime, and organic matter, making it easier to remove during pressure washing. Allow the solution to dwell for a few minutes to penetrate stains effectively.

Pressure Washing:

Using a low-pressure nozzle, start rinsing the patio with water to remove loosened debris. Gradually increase pressure as needed to tackle stubborn stains and buildup. Maintain a consistent distance from the surface to ensure even cleaning and avoid damage.

Spot Treatment:

For stubborn stains, apply a concentrated cleaning solution and let it dwell before gently agitating with a brush or scrubbing pad. Rinse thoroughly with the pressure washer to reveal a clean surface.

Post-Cleaning Inspection:

Take a final walkthrough to ensure no spots or stains are overlooked, paying attention to corners and edges. Make any necessary touch-ups for a flawless finish.

Drying and Maintenance:

Allow the patio to air dry completely before returning furniture. Consider applying a concrete sealer to protect the surface from future stains and UV damage, prolonging the results of your cleaning efforts.


Pressure washing a concrete patio in Nixa, MO, is a straightforward process that yields impressive results when done correctly. By following these simple steps and techniques, you can transform your patio into a clean, inviting space. Don't feel comfortable doing that? Hire DIB Exterior Washing for all your Pressure Washing needs. We are your Nixa Pressure washing company.

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