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How To Clean Brick. Pressure Wash In Nixa MO

How To Clean Brick. Pressure Wash In Nixa MO

DIB Exterior Washing is a professional Pressure Washing Company that would love to help you Pressure wash your Bricks in Nixa and surrounding cities. We Love to teach and help where we can.

Lets Begin...

-Step one: The surface of bricks aren't always just dirty, often times there is algae and mold on the Brick of your home or retaining walls. How to treat that is bleach. Mix bleach with 50% water with a little bit of some dish soap. (water any and all plants nearby before applying this mix to your bricks.)

-Step two: Apply a thin layer of this Mix to the surface and let it sit for 5 Minutes.

-Step three: Water any plants touched by this mix. now apply a second coat of the mix to your surface if needed.

step four: Pressure wash your Brick from a safe distance to not damage brick.

step five: water any plants again and wash surface clean. repeat this process as many times necessary.

Just like that you have a clean home or retaining wall. using this method with proper technique will make your bricks stay clean for 2-3 years. For any questions please give us a call

Location: Nixa, MO

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