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Driveway Pressure Washing in Nixa Mo

Driveway Pressure Washing in Nixa Mo

From our google page DIB Exterior Washing a client saw our post and wanted a quote. Very quickly we asked for an address and some pictures and sent the quote in 2 minutes from the time they reached out to us. they loved how fast we were and agreed to the quote. we gave them our calendar and they scheduled themselves for a Driveway Washing in Nixa Mo. When the day came we filled up our trailer and got ready to professionally wash there driveway.

Arriving on the job we took a pre inspection, then laid down our soap. after 10 minutes of letting that sit the driveway was ready for the washing, we took out our pressure washer and began the job. 30 mins later they had a brand new looking driveway. The client was so happy and impressed. from the time we got there to the time the job is finished. From quote to packing up the trailer we are fast and efficient .

Location: Nixa, MO

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