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Roof Cleaning Prevents Algae And Moss Growth

Roof cleaning

The black discoloration that you see on asphalt shingle roofs is not mildew or mold. Rather, it is a form of algae that grows on portions of roofs that have less sun and that retain moisture. This algae can quickly form unsightly streaks on the surface of a roof, compromising not just the curb appeal of the property but also jeopardizing the life span of the roof itself.

If you have black stains on the surface of your Springfield roof, call 417-812-6230 today to schedule a roof cleaning service. Our highly skilled pressure washing and soft washing experts can remove these stains for you in the best and safest manner possible. With our help, your Springfield home will once again be beautifully clean!

Soft Washing For Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles protect your Springfield property from the weather. In certain respects, these building materials are tough as nails. In other respects, they are actually quite delicate.

Pressure washing an asphalt shingle roof is a bad idea. It can actually damage the surface of the shingles, shortening the time in which you would need to replace them.

The better method for conducting a roof cleaning project involving a shingle roof is soft washing. This method uses cleaning agents and low pressure water to gently lift black stains from the roofing system. At DIB Exterior-Washing, our Springfield roof cleaning crew specializes in soft washing services.

Gutter Cleaning As Part Of Your Roof Care Plan

Your roof and gutters are a system that, once again, protects your property from the elements. If they are not working in tandem, they cannot perform this essential function. One of the most common sources of roof staining and damage is actually clogged and poorly maintained gutters.

Your gutters funnel the water from the surface of your roof safely to the ground away from your property. By hiring a professional to routinely perform gutter cleaning for you, you ensure that your gutters are doing their job at all times. When your gutters operate as intended, moisture does not stagnate on your roof, thereby preventing algae growth and the formation of black stains.

At DIB Exterior-Washing, our Springfield roof cleaning experts can clear debris from your roof and your gutters as part of your comprehensive roof maintenance plan. By trusting us with your property, you can rest assured knowing that your property is beautifully clean and well-maintained at all times.

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